How to heal a brain injury

When your doctor gives you terrible answers it’s time to find a new doctor or find better answers. You can find some of those answers here. Let me be clear – I am a guy with brain damage. I am not a medical doctor and I don’t play one on the Internet. I have found great medical doctors and alternative practitioners to help put me back together after experiencing mercury poisoning, general toxicity, post traumatic brain injury, and post concussion syndrome. This site contains some of the best information I have found that may be of help to you or someone you love experiencing similar challenges.


I remember my reaction to the absurdity of the doctor telling me I had psoriac arthritis. I had come to her in order to address the fact that I was suffering from terrible brain fog, fatigue, and body pains. I’m sure she was probably right about diagnosing me but it was completely obvious that she hadn’t come close to addressing my concern and the word that comes to mind is refund.

Another month later I realized I was forgetting things. Important things! Things that couldn’t be forgotten under normal circumstances. Something was seriously wrong with my brain and as that fear is swirled all I could think was brain tumor. Somehow through the fog I remembered watching a TED talk by Terry Whals, a medical doctor on YouTube in 2011.

I remembered thinking to myself as I watched how brilliant she was as she described reversing her multiple sclerosis. She told how she went from being a national champion in taekwondo to being completely impaired in a wheelchair. As I watched her standing giving the talk I decided that’s what I would do if I ever have a medical problem that is impossible. Somehow through the hazy fog in my brain and the splitting headache I was able to remember to rewatch her TED talk to find the and schedule with a practitioner.

At the time I was generally healthy and very active in MMA and jujitsu training so I’d never spent 3 hours with all the doctors cumulatively that I’d ever seen until 2017. After 2 hours of going through all of my diet and extensive history I remember him asking very intensely about what happened to cause the symptoms and when they started. I couldn’t remember and I felt bad but he figured it out. I remember him looking up at me and saying, “I think you’ve got mercury poisoning.” I was dumbfounded.

I had my dental fillings removed 2.5 months earlier and the exposure of having them removed expose me even more than having them installed in my mouth for 25 years. It sounds stupid every time I tell the story even after hundreds of times. I get mercury poisoning from dental fillings. That sounds so absurd yet in the 1850s a group of dental medical doctors attempted to outlaw mercury amalgam’s. It didn’t work. In 2019 one of my former coworkers took his daughter to the dentist and the dentist tried to tell him that the amalgams made of half mercury were as safe as anything else. Fortunately my coworker knew all about my experience and chose a safer option for his daughter.

After two years I still wasn’t making the progress that would be expected from detoxing so after careful consideration my diagnosis was updated to include post-traumatic brain injury from concussions I received as a kid. The functional brain scans using SPECT imaging technology showed obvious evidence of traumatic brain injuries that occurred during childhood which correlated with my memories. The MRI showed what was described as old blood from the hematoma.

I respect the doctors for their hard work and dedication to what they have learned. It is important to realize that when they are in conventional medical school they receive absolutely no training whatsoever on how to effectively assist in healing a concussion.

The neurologist told me that I wouldn’t get better when I asked him. He was wrong. I was able to find practitioners to assist using the best science available. I decided to share what I learned online in order to assist others in their journey to heal and create a healthy brain.


I have lived through more pain than I care to remember. If I can offer an easier path to anyone that finds this I have succeeded. I was fortunate to find a talk by Natalie Kelley which shares her top 6 most valuable treatments after years of struggling and seeing nearly 40 doctors.


This site offers my favorite solutions for recovering and optimizing brain health. Most conventional medical doctors or somewhere on the spectrum of completely ignorant to willfully ignorant about this information.

Sending you all the very best wishes for Love, Health, Wealth, and Joyful Living!!!

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